The Complete Household Cleaning Bundle

The Complete Household Cleaning Bundle Contains:


Heavy Duty Toilet Descaler 1 Litre – a powerful and effective toilet cleaner. Removes limescale and grime. Destroys odours and leaves a fresh, clean fragrance.


Bathroom Cleaner 750ml – Highly effective formula for bathroom, toilet and washroom cleaning. Powerful action against limescale and washroom soils and grime. Cleans and shines surfaces leaving a fresh citrus fragrance.


Mould and Mildew Remover 750ml – Powerful action against mould and mildew. Removes stains caused by mould and restores to a clean, hygienic finish. Stain removal for tiles and grout.


Concentrated Floor Maintainer 1 Litre – Helps maintain polished finishes. Cleans and maintains hard floors. For frequent use. Use regularly to prolong the life of the floor surface.


Concentrated Floor Gel 1 Litre – Effective and safe for use on most types of washable surface, including polished floors. Cuts through grease and grime and removes even heavy deposits and scuff marks.


Oven and Grill Cleaner 1 Litre – Powerful alkaline formula removes stubborn deposits of burnt-on food and grease from ovens, hobs and grills. Effective removal of baked-on food. Suitable for ovens, hobs & grills.


Kitchen Degreaser 750ml – This highly effective degreaser is perfect for kitchen and food preparation areas. Easily removes grease and kitchen grime. Leaves surfaces clean and streak-free. Fragrance-free non-tainting formula makes it perfect for food areas.


Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner 1 Litre – Fast-acting, Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner designed to keep surfaces free from stains and bacteria. It dissolves dirt build-up.


Alcohol Free Surface Sanitiser 1 Litre – This broad spectrum anti-bacterial/anti-viral treatment can be used on most hard surfaces. The advanced formulation can continue to stay active on the surface for up to four hours after initial application.


Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser 1 Litre – Alcohol-free formula leaves hands refreshed and naturally moisturised without stickiness or residue. Advanced formulation can continue to stay active on the surface for up to four hours after initial application.


Biocidal Hand Soap 1 Litre – An anti-bacterial, moisturising hand soap that is gentle and effective at keeping hands clean. Suitable for use in kitchens, washrooms and anywhere that requires optimal hygiene. Kills 99.9% of bacteria.


FREE 50ml Hand Sanitiser Travel Spray

FREE 50ml Face Mask Sanitiser Travel Spray

  • Amazing product bundle covers all aspects of the home or business¬†
  • This bundle provides high quality products to clean and sanitise
  • High quality, British Made products at an affordable price
  • We only supply quality, tested products conforming to the correct industry standards for health and hygiene chemicals

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