Bathroom Cleaner with Trigger Spray – 750ml

Highly effective formula for bathroom, toilet and washroom cleaning. Powerful action against limescale and washroom soils and grime. Cleans and shines surfaces leaving a fresh citrus fragrance. Powerful cleaning action for bathrooms, toilets and washroom areas. Cuts through limescale, soap scum and bathroom soil. Leaves surfaces gleaming. Fresh citrus fragrance.

  • Professional, highly effective formula for bathrooms, toilets and washroom cleaning
  • Powerful action against limescale, soap scum and bathroom soils
  • Ideal for acrylic baths, showers and wash basinsNon-Corrosive
  • High quality product, leaves surfaces gleaming
  • Fresh citrus fragrance

Directions for Use


  • Apply to surfaces to be cleaned
  • Leave to work for a few seconds before scrubbing or wiping clean

For extra heavy soiling or scale,


  • Apply plenty of product
  • Allow extra time in contact with the surface before wiping clean



<5% Non-Ionic Surfactants